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Hi, and welcome to Eat and Two Veg.  I'm Alex.  I was born in Toronto but have lived in the UK for most of my life, and in London for more than 10 years.  I am a decent amateur cook and love spending time in the kitchen, but a busy life means that I often fall back on old standbys rather than trying new things. 

The original impetus behind this blog was to make a new (to me) recipe every week for a year and blog about it.  Instead, it has evolved into a communal space for family and friends where we share cooking experiments and experiences whenever the mood strikes us.  I think I like it better this way.

The index of recipes we've blogged about so far can be found here, and you can check out the sidebar on the main page to filter by cook, or to click through to other sites that inspire us.  New followers and new contributors are always welcome.  Especially if you come bearing recipes that involve cheese.

Bon appetit!

Hello.  I'm Alison, mother of the main blogger and the other half of Project 52.

I like cooking but I don't love it.  I prefer uncomplicated recipes and quick results.  I also tend towards low-fat versions of many dishes because with allergies, elevated cholesterol and now kidney stones to cater for in the family, it's difficult to let rip in the kitchen and keep all the systems happy and safe. So I've adapted a lot of recipes to fit our individual and collective medical needs.  Between Alex and me, and hopefully among any who will join us in our 2012 project, I look forward to posting a wide variety of recipes, from the 'no holds barred', time consuming and complex dishes that leave the dinner guests gasping in admiration to the simple, weeknight, 'back pocket' stand-bys that are essential when the cupboard is almost bare.

Some of you play music and do cryptic crosswords while the dinner is cooking; others float around the kitchen with a wine glass in one hand and make it all look so simple; still others fret and sweat buckets over the simplest of meal preparations.

Whatever your style, whatever your skill level and whatever your preference, please come aboard and share your ideas with us. 

And thank you for your support.

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