Em's Favourite Things Mini Pie Cups

Happy Pi Day! I couldn't let the occasion pass without indulging in some thoroughly unmathematical culinary celebrating, but I was grimly determined not to venture out in the cold, so I improvised based on the awesome things I already had in my house. This makes four mini-pies in those little glass ramekins the likes of which you get creme brulée in.

About 200g of Millionaire's Shortbread (that's roughly 13 mini ones - the Co-op does them in boxes of 15, you will inevitably eat at least two ;))
1 cup flour
1/4 cup margarine

125g cream cheese
Generous dollops, to taste, of peanut butter and nutella.
Approximately 1 shot of coffee (optional, adjust to taste).

Preheat oven to 200c.

Crush/crumble/smush the shortbread, caramel, chocolate and all. Microwave until the caramel melts (I left it in for two minutes on high but I reckon it didn't need that long). Mix the flour and marge (which will melt in the process) in quickly and thoroughly. Adjust proportions so it holds its shape without crumbling.

Press into dish(es).

Bake crust for about fifteen minutes, remove early if it rises/browns too much.

Add filling. Return to oven for five minutes.

(You could also, at this point, leave the crust to cool, then add the filling and chill it instead.)

Leave to cool and set.



  1. Eat and die. What a great way to go and so easy. If you had to roll it out first and mix and mould the mystic mud and then wait to let it rise and then knead and roll again, you would lose the will to die so better to do it fast, simply and deliciously. Coup de grace and all that. And best to take a few friends with you at the time. Thank you Emily, this is really great and so easy.I will be trying it but far away from Kit of course.....

    1. I think you could put pretty much anything in the filling to make it Kit-friendly! (or you could stick to the peanut butter so you don't have to share ;))