Alex and I have both been away (in different places) this past week.  She's been in Barbados on business (nice work, if you can get it) and I have been sweating it out in Toronto, which was freezing by the way, but on family affairs which are tricky at best right now.

One of the first things I did when I got home and returned to the world of proper blogging was to check the blog and make sure it was still being cared for.  And it is, and thanks to Jonathan and Philippa for keeping it ticking over while we're miles away.

But I hate it when a week goes by and the blog caretakers are far, far from the centre of the action and there is nothing new to get excited about.  And no, there is nothing much around this kitchen to get excited about either tonight so I decided to relive past triumphs and make a recipe from the blog: Philippa's Risotto with roasted mushrooms and sweet potato.  This one really ought to come with a heath warning which is don't roast the mushrooms and sweet potato too soon or they will all be gone by the time they're to be added to the whole.  Well, yes, Philippa does advise against eating the roasted ingredients inadvertently, but this evening, when the temperature had dropped from a high of 10º first thing to the current level of 2º at 8:35 pm, I was nibbling away as I stirred and added wine and the rest, and suddenly what should have fed four comfortably, only managed to stretch to 2+ a small extra and I really didn't want supper by that point, as I'd had my fill of the 'chocolate box' of roasted mushrooms etc.  It was delicious though, and I threw in a 250g bag of lamb's lettuce (rocket/arugula would go just as well) to bulk it up and make it look as if I'd intended it for three instead of the two it was serving. I threw in a goodly amount of grated cheddar at the last minute, just for the thickness factor. And it was lovely.

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