Babysitting the blog

I've felt very responsible this week, with Alex away on business, when it comes to checking and tweaking the blog.  Oh, I could have left it for her to do, but I need to learn how to add recipes to the master list and then link them by URL into the index.  Otherwise, the punters can't move directly from index to selected recipe and a lot of scrolling has to happen.

Needs must when the devil drives and I felt driven to figure it out so I can do it in future for my own posts and those of others who are kind enough to take time to add to our growing collection.  Thank you to all our guest authors and please keep 'em coming! To other followers and groupies, what's stopping you from adding a recipe to get onto the board and into the game?  Just post it and we'll do the rest. 

After some experimentation, I've figured out how to insert the posts into the whole and can now mesh them seamlessly with the others.  I'm quite proud of myself, as computer savvy isn't something that comes naturally but I have enough common sense to figure out what I need to do.

At the risk of being boring, I'm giving Baked Potato Soup another go this evening.  The taste of the last one was great but didn't taste of baked potatoes.  Tonight's recipe calls for the potatoes to be baked first and then mixed with a few things to make a thicker stew-type consistency.  If it works out well, I shall add it to the soup section and ask that someone else put another kind of soup in there soon to dilute all those potatoes.  Please and thank you! 

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