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My daughter certainly didn't inherit my culinary genes, fortunately for her! She and I have a very different approach to our cooking which keeps life interesting in the Glennie kitchen! Perhaps after decades of doing, literally, the meat-and-potaotes-grind on weeknights for school-age children who wanted it quick and uncomplicated, and with Kit's allergies locking off a whole arena of food choices, my meal preparation was dictated by what was fast, easy, nourishing and palatable, although this last one was fairly far down the list. I never fell into the fish fingers and chips hole though, as food can be fast without being 'fast food' and I have always refused to serve up the latter. OK, well maybe I cheated with the odd Kraft Dinner or take-away pizza in our Toronto days, but generally I have made a meal most nights in the week when at least one of the family is at home. I do not, however, cook when I'm alone (perhaps this is why cooking wouldn't be listed as one of my hobbies) and exist on salads and fruit when there is no one else to feed.

However, I do enjoy food preparation when it ticks all my boxes and I have a stash of saved but untried recipes which fill a box file and lie in piles in various corners. It was only when doing a clear out of all these piles after Christmas and almost getting to the point of throwing them away that Alex and I came up with the idea of trying one new recipe each week of the year and sharing them. Project 52. Alex ran with that and turned it into a blog and why not? Hopefully other friends and family will share their 'new' cooking experiences this year. Oh, I guess they can be the tried and true ones too but all that I post will be new ones for me. It will be fun to sort through the many scruffy bits of paper with combinations that looked like a good idea at the time and discover which actually are the better ones in the lot!

Please join us with your thoughts and feedback but more than that, send us your gastronomic discoveries for 2012. The diversity will be the fun part, that and knowing each time we experiment in the kitchen, we can share our trials and tribulations.

Keeeeeep cooking!

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