Recipe index

The following recipes can be found on this blog.

Breads and muffins
Banana, bran and blueberry muffins 
Disaster-banana muffins
Pecan muffins
Pitta bread 
Pumpkin muffins with maple-cream cheese frosting
Rosemary loaf
Six seed malted wheat loaf
White bread 

Chocolate coconut granola 
Guerrilla pancakes

Chocolate ripple cake
Fresh coconut and lime layer cake
Gingerbread cake with lime
Jam-filled butter cake
Ring-Mould Pound Cake
Victoria sponge

Agnes' s Christmas shortbread
Amaretto cookies
Flapjack-style biscuits
Nice cookies
Oreo-stuffed chcocolate chip cookies
Salted chocolate cookies

Desserts and pies
Apple(ish) crumble
Superfood chocolate mousse
Coconut, ginger and lime soufflé
Peanut butter and Oreo pie 
Perfect tarte tatin 
Pie chart pie 
Porridge cake 
Sweet potato and almond tarts

Oven-baked fish with tomatoes
Salmon and vegetable frittata
Salmon and prawn pie
Tomato and basil poached fish
Tuna, sweet potato and red pepper bake  

Chinese style tacos
Classic goulash
Come by chance meatloaf with homemade tomato ketchup 
Pork chops piquant 
Roast leg of lamb with baker's potatoes
Steak Marsala
Venison stew with Marsala 

Emily's mac n' cheese
Lemon Pasta
Never apologise lasagna
Pasta with greens and peas 
Prawn and orzo stew  
Roasted red pepper conchiglie

Artichoke, proscuitto and mozzarella pizza

Chicken cobbler
Chicken fingers
Chicken kiev
Roast chicken with lemon


Savoury tarts and quiche
Bacon and leek quiche
Bacon and ricotta cake with roasted tomatoes
Pork pie with anchovies 

Slow cooker
Cajun chicken hot pot
Pork shoulder in beer
St. Patrick's Day Stew

Asparagus and barley soup
Baked potato soup
Cauliflower soup
Pea and basil soup 
Real baked potato soup
Sweet potato-butternut squash-coconut-chili soup 

Vegetables and salads
Braised celery
Danish red cabbage
Kale and butternut squash salad

Vegetarian main dishes